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2018-19 Season: Mitcham 9 – 1 Berrylands

What a topsy-turvy season this has been ….. some matches where we have incurred a heavy loss, the results are not indicative of the actual game. Take this week’s game, for example. Score at half-time was 2 – 1 to Mitcham; the game was equally balanced, and Ellie had scored a superb goal, flicking the ball up ... More

2018-19 Season: Berrylands 3 – 0 Croydon & Midwhitgiftians (2s)

Following last week’s disappointing performance against Merton, Berries arrived in the sunshine at Ricards Lodge ready to take on the self-styled COWS of Croydon, resplendent in their cow-hide socks and shirts ….. T warned us that they would be quick to take their free hits and ready to stick their elbows in to gain ... More

2018-19 Season: Merton (2s) 2 – 1 Berrylands

A disappointing result at the end of a disappointing match – the Merton goalie kept them in the game with a series of several outstanding saves, including one from over her head. These saves happened early on in the first half and had we managed to score a couple of them, then the result could have been very different. ... More

2018-19 Season: Berrylands v Oxted (3s) 5 – 0 Berrylands

The 10 brave souls of Berrylands girded their loins, donned their gumshields and padded their shins for this 4.30 pm match in deepest, darkest (literally) Oxted. The home side were providing two umpires; they may just as well have not bothered as the umpiring – or lack of – was simply shockingly awful as one ... More

2017-18 Season: Berrylands 1 – 3 Kenley (3s)

Yours truly was away in the wilds of Yorkshire for this grudge match ….. all I know is that Grace scored a superb goal from a short corner and that one of the Kenley players was lucky not to get sent off for her aggressive manner. Enough said. And Ali was over from Zurich and played! Welcome back Ali – I’m sorry I ... More

2017-18 Season: Old Cranleighans Vamps (3s) 3 – 1 Berrylands

The first icy pitch of the year, and on arriving (very early T!!) at 10.40 am, a quarter of the pitch was still white. However, as the sun rose over the trees, the ice gradually melted and with help from the groundsman and his roller, the game started more or less on time at 11.30 am. Highlight of the game has got to ... More

2017-18 Season: Berrylands 0 – 3 Croydon & Old Midwhitgiftians (2s)

Croydon were anxious to get started on time as their umpire had another game to get to – but Berries were running late due to rain and traffic. T had to pad up quickly to go into the goal for the first half and when the whistle blew, we were a bare eleven. However, we kept things tight and the game flowed badkwards and ... More

2017-18 Season: Epsom (5s) 2 – 1 Berrylands

So near ….. and yet, so far ……. #2 This game provided two significant points of interest ….. first, our goal came from a penalty flick (well stepped up, Nikki!) and second, Epsom’s umpire’s fetching red headband, rather John McEnore-esque. Which teamed with his rather too short shorts, was a rather bizarre ... More

2017-18 Season: Berrylands 1 – 2 Oxted (3s)

So near …… and yet, so far ……. Well, we’ve had two weeks off and it now feels like the start of the season again …. We were playing Oxted, an unknown quantity though according to one of their players, she remembered playing us 30 years ago on grass. Who won that match is misted in the shrouds of time…. ... More

2017-18 Season: London Wayfarers (8s) 0 – 2 Berrylands

Back to winning ways! Berrylands needed to come back from the previous week’s defeat and come back we did! With 16 players on the team sheet (though we did lose Cairalee at the 11th hour due to a bug) and facing bottom of the table London Wayfarers, the outlook was sunny. But we know from experience not to rest on our ... More