2018-19 Season: Merton (2s) 2 – 1 Berrylands

A disappointing result at the end of a disappointing match – the Merton goalie kept them in the game with a series of several outstanding saves, including one from over her head. These saves happened early on in the first half and had we managed to score a couple of them, then the result
could have been very different.

As it was, Abbie put us into the lead with a perfect strike past the keeper, having received the ball from passing moves involving Grace and Katja but a one-nil lead was too slender a margin to defend, although it wasn’t until half-way through the second half that T cleared the ball following a Merton attack which only managed to find Jainie’s stick and rebound back into the goal. This rejuvenated Merton and for the remainder of the match they were determined to notch up their first win of the season, and with five minutes to go, put together a series of passes which resulted in their second goal.

There was little time for us to fight back and despite the fact that we had possession for the last few minutes, a short corner would have been our chance to equalize but this didn’t materialise and Merton celebrated their win.

It was lovely to welcome back ex-Berries stalwart, Ali, on a fleeting visit to London from Switzerland, and it would have been perfect to have marked the occasion with a win but alas, Merton would not cooperate.

A few Berries set off to find the location for teas which proved more difficult than expected, but tea and pizza rewarded our persistence.