2017-18 Season: Berrylands 0 – 3 Croydon & Old Midwhitgiftians (2s)

Croydon were anxious to get started on time as their umpire had another game to get to – but Berries were running late due to rain and traffic. T had to pad up quickly to go into the goal for the first half and when the whistle blew, we were a bare eleven. However, we kept things tight and the game flowed badkwards and forwards very equally. Croydon seemed a very organised team and although not the quickest on the pitch, had their passing moves very well practised and it soon became clear that we needed to watch their forwards coming forward behind our defnender.

Unfortunately this is how they scored their first goal courtesy of yours truly as a pass came across the D in front of goal which was out of T’s reach but a perfect ball for their forward at the far post. Sorry guys! Berrylands pushed on and had several very close attempts at goal – one from Nikki was an absolute screamer from a short corner which just caught the wrong side of the post, and Grace and Cairalee (in her new position as speedy left wing!!) just put shots wide. Another day and we could have had two goals in a matter of minutes but their goalie, although tiny, was loud and fearless, going to ground to block any shots. We had several short corners that we couldn’t capitalise on, though we did manage to defend several short corners successfully.