2017-18 Season: Old Cranleighans Vamps (3s) 3 – 1 Berrylands

The first icy pitch of the year, and on arriving (very early T!!) at 10.40 am, a quarter of the pitch was still white. However, as the sun rose over the trees, the ice gradually melted and with help from the groundsman and his roller, the game started more or less on time at 11.30 am.

Highlight of the game has got to be Vix’s superb reverse sweep into goal from a pass from the edge of the D from Lucia. Perfect timing and it was really the only occasion during the game when OC’s goalie was wrong-footed. She played a fearless game and definitely contributed to their win. Unfortunately, fate was on OC’s side and they scored three goals really against the run of play, and T also made some further superb clearances to keep the scoreline down. Lowlight of the game was OC’s rather officious umpire who seemed to take delight in telling Lucia and Jenny that if they did that again (not quite sure wheat ‘that’ was), it would be an immediate short corner and she really didn’t like repeating her decisions if we happened not to hear exactly what she said. It was an evenly balanced game with luck going OC’s way and not ours. Tea was burgers and chips in the clubhouse with cakes rather reluctantly shared by the oppo.