Berries hang on for a draw

Saturday 2nd February: 3–3 draw

Having played the majority of the game in the Mid-Surrey half, with an initial lead of 3–1, Berries finally came out with a 3–3 draw.  A number of absent players led to several changes of position including Helena and Teresa filling in at right wing, but we also welcomed Lins back for her first game since Naomi’s arrival!

The highlights of the game – despite absentees – were that we played a reasonably high tempo game, with some great passing and movement off the ball.  We showed serious adaptability in where we can play on the pitch, without looking totally lost.  The forwards and makeshift forwards combined well.  The goals were scored by Nikki (2) and Grace (1).  The two from Nikki were unstoppable and Grace’s was a flick off the stick from another Nikki shot.  It was going so fast it almost knocked Grace off her feet.  Talking of being knocked off your feet, there was the incident of Susie being unable to quite complete a full backward roll having been steam-rollered by an oppo player.

We did get tired at the end as Mid-Surrey, with nothing to lose, pushed forward and nearer to the goal.  Having got one back from a short corner, they went looking for the equaliser.  There was nothing Lin could do on the final shot, and so it ended in a draw.

Final Score: 3–3 draw