Royal Holloway 6 – 1 Berrylands

Goal Sharon – and what a goal!

Sharon’s 4th minute goal deserves a paragraph all to itself ….. if only Tim was on hand with his camera! Royal Holloway were taken by surprise as Sharon, Lucia R and Vix penetrated their D, Sharon taking the ball up to the left of the goal. The goalie saved the first shot which Sharon then parried in mid-air, to her left, and scooped the ball into the net. Jubilation all round the ground (from the Berries supporters at least). Unfortunately this galvinised Royal Holloway into action and they pressed forward in waves. The defence kept the attacks out but unfortunately the umpiring was not up to scratch (not you Gerry) and they managed to score two goals before half-time, one from a dodgy short corner.

In the second half Royal Holloway had decided to stifle Lucia S’s play, having recognised her as a danger player on our team and their fitness, youth and speed really began to shine through. One of their tactics was playing for short corners and we had to defend a number, with Sharon doing her usual speedy running out to block the initial shock. However, the rest of their goals came from a break away in the midfield with a long diagonal pass to a player hanging near the goal who deflected the shot into the goal. T saved many shots but the quality of the finishing at times was too much. Unlike last week’s game, the Berries passing was not accurate enough and the opposition were so swift onto any loose balls that we were unable to increase our score although Lucia S did score from a short corner but Gerry ruled it was too high and it was disallowed (boo).

Royal Holloway look destined to rise up the divisions but they will have to sort out their dire umpiring situation before too long – both matches we have played against them have been marred by the poor (non-existent) umipring skills of the poor girl drafted in to carry out the task.

Squad: Teresa (goal), Lins, Ali, Hannah, Emily, Lucia R, Lucia S, Sharon, Cairalee, Sofia G, Sofie D, Canela, Helena, Vix, Grace