Berrylands 0 – 1 London Eds (4s)

So near and yet so far ….. once again, London Eds defeated us by one solitary goal which came half-way through the first half. They had bought a full squad of 16 players. Berrylands were without Vix who has picked up a bad toe injury from the Bank game (nothing broken) and Helena who had a slight groin strain.

There was an early scare for Berrylands early in the first half when Sofie slipped after sprinting after the ball over the back line. It looked nasty as she had banged her head but she was soon back on the pitch. Emma, too, took a battering from one of the opposition and went flying. Grace also was pushed off the ball when making a foray into the D; as you can see, it was a physical match. Not only that, one of their players took extreme disagreement with some of Gerry’s decisions and wisely took herself off the pitch before she exploded – she did have the grace to apologise to those of us on the sideline.

Highlights of the match:

  • Berrylands – lots of short corners, failed to convert
  • Hannah – GPS tracking – quote “I did keep my width” You sure did Hannah!
  • Emily – lots of encouragement from the back
  • T – brilliant saves
  • Two near misses at the end of the match – Sofie wide of the right hand post, Grace wide of the left hand post.
  • London Eds stayed for tea – and loved it!

Squad: Teresa, Ali, Emily, Hannah, Lins, Lucia R, Lucia S, Sofie, Emma, Grace, Nikki, Canela