Leatherhead have the last laugh – or ‘the one that got away’

Saturday 6 October

Another sunny day as Berries took to the pitch, still seeking their first win of the season. Was today to be the day?

Berries look for first win of the season

More new players making their debuts for Berries – Nikki and Clare. Plenty of players to rotate but also some unfamiliar positions for players to get used to. Nothing like throwing people in at the deep end!

It started off with a familiar pattern of Berries starting reasonably brightly – holding their own and generally putting a lot of pressure on the opposition. Soon the opposition started calling the shots and pushing Berries back. Berries were getting in a bit of a pickle with the marking and playing positions. Soon, Berries found themselves 2–nil down due to some slack marking and silly dribbley goals.

Emma hits the ball for Berries

Second half, and time to mount a come-back! Soon Berries were back on level terms thanks to goals from Grace and Nikki (first game and first goal – not bad). Berries were back in the game, with all to play for.

Pushing forward, Berries left themselves a little exposed at the back, which Leatherhead exploited to go 3–2 up.

However, Berries were not finished yet, with another goal for Grace when a lovely touch to deflect the ball passed the keeper. Berries could see that the tide had turned in their favour and were looking for that final winning goal.

A break from defence for Leatherhead saw Berries concede a penalty corner with around 5 minutes to play. A top strike saw Leatherhead bury the ball in the far corner, giving Lin no chance. Berries tried to respond in the last few minutes, but just came up short.

Final score: 4–3 loss.

Grace on the attack for Berries