Berrylands 3 – 0 Horley

Goals Emma, Vix, Grace
Berrylands debuts Katie, Sofia G

What a difference a week makes ….. we came, we saw, we conquered! Earlier in the week the squad was looking a little light with Canela and Sofie D sunning it up in Spain and other team members unavailable but the word was out and not only did we have two new recruits – welcome Katie and Sofia – but Helen returned after a few months’ absence and there was even an offer from Rachel who hasn’t played for a couple of years. Linda was available to play in goal giving Teresa a much-deserved chance to run around the pitch and she certainly did!

The sun was shining, the supporters were out in force, Tim had his camera. The stage was set!

A few highlights:
• Linda going to ground to save yet another Horley shot from close range
• Teresa clearing the ball off the line to prevent Horley scoring
• Sharon’s AWESOME running out at short corners to cut off the first Horley shots. And I mean AWESOME (Tim’s photo proves it!)
• Lins calmness personified in front of goal, clearing our lines and acting as the final defence before our goal
• Emma modestly claiming the first goal “Well, the ball hit my stick and went in the air into the goal” ….. yes, Emma, you scored!
Vix’s superb slight touch to deflect Lucia’s cross from a short corner into the back of the net for our second goal
• Cairalee and Ali smothering Horley’s play and preventing them getting into the D
• Lucia S tireless tackling, and defending, and running up and down the pitch, and up and down the pitch, and up and down the pitch again ….
• Helen’s run, taking the ball down the left hand side of the pitch to cross the ball in to Grace …..
• Grace then scored our third goal, calmly, to finally see us on our way to victory!
The oppo’s captain reckoned there was a force field around our goal during the match. That was no force field – that was Linda and the defenders!

Squad: Linda (goal), Teresa, Lins, Ali, Lucia S, Sharon, Cairalee, Sofia G, Emma, Katie, Helena, Vix, Grace and Helen V